"Obie Trice: Real Name--No Gimmicks"

Hustler Raps With Obie Trice About His Big Cock, Groupies and What He Looks for in a Woman.

Interview and Photos by Giddle Partridge

Obie Trice was introduced to the world on Eminem's 2002 single "Without Me," which begins with Obie saying, "Obie Trice. Real name, no gimmicks." But it took almost two years for Mr. Mathers to release, via his Shady/Aftermath imprint, Obie's debut album, Cheers. (Obie had to wait for Eminem to film 8 Mile--in which the protˇgˇ has a brief cameo--and for the release of 50 Cent's Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.)

Obie's first single, "Got Some Teeth," is a humorous cautionary tale about the perils of drinking while picking up chicks, complete with Flintstones sound effects. (Chorus: "And if I leave here tonight, and I fall asleep and wake up, hopefully, she got some teeth.") Like "Teeth," the other tracks on Cheers offer Obie's smooth, understated delivery, catchy lyrics, danceable beats, inventive production (courtesy of Eminem and Dr. Dre) and guest appearances by Dre, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, D-12, Nate Dogg and Eminem.

Hustler sent me to the office of Obie's publicist to interview the rapper. In front, five guys--one of whom looks exactly like Obie--are hanging out, smoking cigarettes. I introduce myself to the man, but to my surprise, he says, "Oh, you here to interview Obie; he's upstairs." Utterly confused, since I've been seeing Trice's face daily on MTV's Total Request Live, I walk into the building, asking myself, Does Obie have an identical twin? Or perhaps several lookalikes ‡ la Saddam Hussein?

The elevator doors open to the fourth floor, and I'm escorted into a huge conference room, which is littered with half-eaten burritos, beers and soda cans. More guys from Trice's entourage also fill the space, including a man lying on the floor, totally passed out. What I don't find is Trice.

Finally, the dude from downstairs enters and introduces himself to me as Obie. The prankster had obviously figured that a blond white girl wouldn't know who the hell he was. I reply, "You fucking smartass; I knew that was you." Laughing at how he fooled me, Obie immediately flips through some complimentary Hustler Magazines and porn videos, and we begin our interview.

PARTRIDGE: If you started your own porn series, what would you call it?

TRICE: I would name it Obese Booties.

PARTRIDGE: All fat girls?

TRICE: Fat asses. I'm an ass man. I think I get it from my mama. Her shape is beautiful, so I respect that.

PARTRIDGE: Are you into ass sex?

TRICE: Whoa! Anal sex? Not really, 'cause I don't get it. Most females say I'm too big; so I don't get it like that.

PARTRIDGE: How big is your dick?

TRICE: It's probably as big as your head. Nah, I'm just fucking with you. I'm cool. I haven't had any complaints.

PARTRIDGE: Do you rip girls open when you fuck them?

TRICE: Like make them bleed and shit? Yeah.

PARTRIDGE: Have the groupies been good to you on your current tour?

TRICE: In Phoenix, this one groupie came to the hotel, and one of the fellas took her panties off, and she had guacamole in her drawers.

PARTRIDGE: Did you keep her panties as a souvenir, or did you flush them down the toilet?

TRICE: Nah, she kept them. One of the guys was like, "Is these your panties?" She was like, "No, no." Then she was like, "Okay, they're mine, but there are a lot of children where I live, and they just step on my stuff all the time." So she blamed it on the kids.

PARTRIDGE: Was that after you got with her?

TRICE: No. Nobody got with her. We want to state that for the record.

PARTRIDGE: What was the stinkiest pussy you've ever had?

TRICE: I can't give the name because I guess we'd be sued. This chick--it smelt like sewage. I'd tell her, "You need to see someone about that." And she said, "There's nothing I can do about it. I went to the doctor, and I just have this stench; they don't know what it is." Just bad, bad pussy.

PARTRIDGE: Did you fuck her anyway?

TRICE: Yeah. I fucked her, but after a while, it was bad. [Obie's manager indicates that he fucked her five times.]

PARTRIDGE: It took you five times to figure out it was bad pussy? Did you inherit a VD from her?

TRICE: Nah. I strap on condoms; so I'm good. I use Magnums, no doubt.

PARTRIDGE: On your first single, "Got Some Teeth," you rap, "I don't want to be headed home with two double Ds full of silicone." Do you only like real tits?

TRICE: I like real tits. I talk shit about silicone, but I'd suck on some silicones. I don't like [fake tits] 'cause it seems like I'd bust it or something. I'm not comfortable with that shit, but I'd suck on that shit. I care, but I don't care. You see what I'm saying? It's like a love/hate situation.

PARTRIDGE: Do you love or hate shaved pussies, or are you a bush man?

TRICE: Bushes. I'm a bush man. Have something down there. Have some hair around your rectum hole and shit.

PARTRIDGE: On another song, you say, "I camcord the sex and sell it around town." Are you peddling your homemade porn videos?

TRICE: Nah, but I've recorded the sex and showed it around town. I've never sold them.

PARTRIDGE: Do you like Lil' Kim?

TRICE: Lil' Kim, she cool. I'd probably fuck Lil' Kim.

PARTRIDGE: Don't you think her pussy might be too used up and disgusting?

TRICE: That's what I'm thinking: Would it be disgusting or not?

PARTRIDGE: Tell us about the song "Hoodrats." What is a hoodrat?

TRICE: The hoodrats is like chicks in the hood that everybody or somebody you know has fucked, and you're like, "Oh, you got her too?" She's a nympho. She's, like, out of order. She pops up in places that she normally wouldn't be at. You think you're getting away with something when you're with a nice chick, and then the hoodrat would finally be there, and kind of like destroy the whole situation.

PARTRIDGE: In the song, a hoodrat is screaming at you, "I'm having your baby; they's twins." How many kids do you have other than your daughter, Kobie?

TRICE: Just one little girl.

PARTRIDGE: Did you name her after Kobe Bryant?

TRICE: No, but Kobe's cool. I'm a fan of Kobe's. But, you know, Obie, Kobie; so that's why.

PARTRIDGE: Are you named after Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars?

TRICE: Nah, I'm the third actually. My father is named Obie, and his father's named Obie.

PARTRIDGE: Did o.b. tampons haunt you growing up?

TRICE: Nah. When I was young, some stupid idiot would make a joke about that shit like, "Obie--o.b. tampons?" That shit is stupid. It's not even funny.

PARTRIDGE: Have your family members suddenly multiplied since your success?

TRICE: Yeah, I got some cousins and some cousins' cousins' cousins from down under, and they're like, "I ain't called you in, like, 25 years because I didn't know that you was going to be this. That's why I didn't call."

PARTRIDGE: Was Eminem fucking Brittany Murphy on the set of 8 Mile?

TRICE: I believe so. I think he fucked that bitch. I don't know if it was on the set. He might have. I would've.

PARTRIDGE: Do Eminem groupies try to use you to get to him?

TRICE: Yeah, all the time. Especially when we was on the Anger Management Tour, there were chicksŹ coming on the bus, and someone would be like, "This is Obie Trice." And she's like, "So Eminem--how is he?" Eminem this and Eminem that.

PARTRIDGE: Did it blow your mind to be able to work with Dr. Dre?

TRICE: That was overwhelming. I'm in Cali--you pull up to the studio, Lamborghinis and shit out front. Coming from Detroit, you don't see shit like that. We have Fords.

PARTRIDGE: So before rapping, you were selling crack?

TRICE: Rocks.

PARTRIDGE: Did you ever sell detergent when you couldn't afford the real shit?

TRICE: No, you never disrespect the game like that. I never did that.

PARTRIDGE: Have you ever been shot at?

[The entire room busts out laughing.]

TRICE: Oh, hell, yeah.

PARTRIDGE: Do you have a favorite combination of drugs you like to do?

TRICE: Shit, booze probably. Cognac and Hennessy.

PARTRIDGE: You don't smoke pot?

TRICE: No, not at all. I do not swing from the vines. I had a case, and I had to piss; so I just stopped.

PARTRIDGE: Do you have a problem with people downloading your music?

TRICE: Being that I'm an artist, yeah, I do have a problem with it. If I was a plumber, or I worked at the factory or something, I would bootleg. I wouldn't go to the store and buy CDs. But being that I'm on Shady Records, and I'm selling records, buy my CD.

PARTRIDGE: Can you remember the first time you jacked off?

TRICE: Yeah, it was my man Joe.

PARTRIDGE: You got turned on by another dude?

TRICE: Nah, come on now, stop it. I'm getting to my point. My man Joe said, "Yo, man, before you start fucking, you need to know what it feel like to come so you don't get a girl pregnant." I was about 12. I just went upstairs and hit my man, and it was like, "Oh, shit, whoa!"

PARTRIDGE: Does it offend you when white people sing along at your shows and say the word nigga?

TRICE: Hell, no.

PARTRIDGE: On your record, people talk shit about Kim Osorio, editor in chief of The Source magazine. What's the story there?

TRICE: Shit, I don't even know the bitch.

PARTRIDGE: So you just let anyone come on your album and talk shit about whomever they want?

TRICE: Whoever they want and shit. They roll with the team, you know, they on my team. Kim Osorio works for The Source, and we don't get along with them at Shady/Aftermath. So if Kim Osorio works for them, then fuck her.

PARTRIDGE: Do you have your own slang words like Snoop Dogg does?

TRICE: Yeah. I say squo. Squo means, like, "really," like, "for real, seriously?" It's short for "square business."

PARTRIDGE: What should Hustler readers know about Obie Trice?

TRICE: HUSTLER readers, you can expect to go get the debut album Cheers. Go cop that album. New nigger, new voice, new career, all that shit. All the ladies that are reading this magazine, my dick is incredible. I'm a healthy, young man. Black, vibrant and ready to go.

PARTRIDGE: What kind of chicks are you looking for?

TRICE: I'm looking for a chick that don't mind being in the bathroom while I take a shit. And who'll talk to me while she's curling her hair or putting some eyeliner on while I'm shitting. And my shit stank. Love my dirty drawers. You feel me? Peace.