The Formative Years of GO GO GIDDLE!

Giddle Partridge was born at Casa Bonita in a psychedelic fairytale land called Albuquerque. Go Go Giddle is the everlasting Go Go Pop!!Go-Go Giddle Partridge, is a Singer/Actress and The Blonde Bombshell of the new Millennium! She is also the High Priestess of, The Partridge Family Temple, as well as a Los Angeles based Publicist. She has been in various bands since the age of seventeen, singing and go-go dancing. Giddle Partridge is currently recording a solo album, with legendary Producers and songwriters, due out early next year, with a duet from, The Mother of Punk - German icon and celebrity, Nina Hagen! She will do a international tour when the record is released! She has collaborated with Mark Tulin (R.I.P.), the founder/bassist of The Electric Prunes, Kim Fowley, Boyd Rice, Walker Phillips, The Genitorturers, Scramblehead and The Electric Hellfire Club, to name a few. She is an Actress in some major motion pictures and also a Pin-Up Model for multiple musical equipment companies and has appeared in advertisements in many international Guitar and Drum Magazines. Giddle is a Vegetarian and very involved in Animal rights. Va Va Voom, our Sexy Giddle whom many friends and fans, have compared to Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Mamie Van Doren and Jane Fonda circa, Barbarella. She is featured in many books on Old Hollywood, Cults and is a published writer. And obsessed with Haute Couture fashion, where you will see her sitting front row at Fashion Shows. And her major passion is the psychedelic silver sixties and collecting dolls and far out stuff from the 1800s to the early 1970s. With a Groovy Kind of Love, Giddle Partridge XOXO WWW.GOGOGIDDLE.COM WWW.GOGOGIDDLE.COM
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